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You Can Have all the Technology in the World….

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….but if it ain’t gonna happen – it ain’t gonna happen.  I would like to tell you that in my case – it didn’t happen.  Monday was my surgery date.  I was ready.  All iodined up, drawn on (x marks the spot) and knocked out.  Then I was awake and everybody was apologizing.  Huh??  Don’t you hate it when people talk to you about important stuff after surgery.  You are still in twilight after all!

What the hell am I talking about?  I was in for prostate cancer surgery.  They were using a marvelous piece of technology called the DaVinci System.  It’s robotic surgery.  In this case they plop you on the table, strap you in, pump you up with air and flip you on your head.  Yep, you are upside down.  The reason for that is really cool (who thinks this stuff up anyway?).  They flip you upside down so your internal organs drop down and get out of the way of the robotic arms.  Huh, who knew?

So what happened to me you ask?  It didn’t go so well.  There is a side story here that I am not going to get into today and that has to do with men as they grow older and are overweight.  If you are obese the odds of prostate cancer double.  If you add in your age (I am 62) the odds at the very least double.  If you eat fatty foods and exercise little well, you get the idea.  But what about me?  Pre-surgery my surgeon came in and (of course) asked me how much weight I lost.  I told him 25-30 pounds (in the six weeks prior).  Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  He did inform me that I would be the largest man he has ever performed this surgery on.  He further went on to say if he had any thought of problems he would halt the procedure.

All went well.  There were no problems with my weight.  They strapped me in and pumped me up.  When they turned my upside down however, my vital signs took a dive.  For my protection they stopped everything.  So now what?  There is a DaVinci procedure that does not turn me upside down.  There is also radiation therapy and there is hormone therapy.  Hormone therapy is out because it would pretty much shut down my ability to lose weight.  In a couple of days, we have another meeting with my surgeon to go over my options.

So, let me wrap up here by saying that you can have all the technology in the world but if it isn’t meant to be….  I had everything going for me but in the end it was the human element that stood in the way.  My body couldn’t take the stresses they were putting on it.  Technology is ubiquitous in our society.  How we utilize it will depend on the human element.  In our schools, tech will only get us as far as our training and desire to utilize it.  The same thing for work.  The utility and the safety of tech will depend on the human element.

I’ll keep ya posted.  By for now,


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