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Windows 10, an Introduction

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I am releasing this blog entry as a sort of introduction to our next podcast:  THDT44 Windows 10.  We are going to impart a lot of information in that episode  and we want to offer the info in written form at this website also.  So, we are recording THDP44 right now and we will publish it within the next few days.

This episode as promised we are going to talk about Windows 10.  Yet another Windows Operating System.  According to you analysts that subscribe to the “every other OS theory” with Microsoft, this should be a good one, ya know because 8.1 was such a dud?  In my opinion, it is a good one.  There is plenty to like about it and that is what this podcast is about.  We are going to share all the “goodies” we have discovered that would be useful to you, the user.  I gotta tell ya, there are things to really like about Windows 10 and there are things that may look to you at first like Microsoft has taken off the mask and is coming after your private data, browsing history, files, access to your wifi network and that is just the beginning.  I felt that way at first but when I started to really think about it I realized they did indeed take the mask off and the gloves to boot.  What they have done is taken another quantum step toward iOS and OSX.

They took a huge step toward creating an operating system that is actually useful and can maybe stand the tests of time.  Remember, Microsoft has stated that this will be their last OS.  All other changes will be updates of Windows 10 (like OSX).  As far as updates go they haven’t wasted any time either.  So far, I believe they have updated it three times since release date.  The third update was cumulative meaning it contains the previous two updates within it.  Microsoft states that is the way they are going to swing from now on.  If you missed the previous updates, the third one should catch you up.  If you caught the first two updates then the third update will only download the pertinent code to your computer.

We also are starting something new here with every podcast.  Each episode now will have a section that I discuss something that has happened to me out in the field that I think people would benefit from my sharing that experience.  I am going to record this the day it happens and then add it into the podcast on publishing day.  I’m hoping for a “you are there” sort of report, or maybe “Gary in the Trenches” sort of thing.  I don’t have a name for it yet.  Anybody out there with an idea just email us with the suggestion and we will give it serious consideration.

You can email us at feedback@thehelpdeskpodcast.com

Obviously you will be given full credit for it and if we use it we can maybe advertise what you do in the IT field.  If you are a self employed consultant then how about some free advertising?

Anyway, we have quite a bit to share today so let’s get on with it.

I downloaded Windows 10 for my Surface a week after it was released so I have had it for a while.  And I have worked with it some.  My mistake was I didn’t upgrade my main computer ….an HP Probook.  The Surface I use for work every day (it is lighter than any other laptop I have and is a good size:  10”).  Of course, at work I don’t run across anybody who has 10.  Remember I consult for School Districts.  Most school districts would have a hard time showing you any computers with Windows 8.1 let alone 10.

One thing to remember:  this is an update and Microsoft has pushed it out to current users.  This is not like the past where you had to do a clean install for the OS to work properly.  In defense of Microsoft, they are intending to supply us with updates to Windows 10 from now on.  So, they had better get the updates right the first time.  No clean installs.  The updates are free so that should be enough for you to be convinced to update.  Free is good.  Everything “should” remain the same as you left it before updating.  So you won’t have to reformat your HDD.  That means it won’t damage any of your files currently on your computer.  Hand in hand with that thought though is that you should NEVER try to update, reinstall or work on your HDD without first backing up your data.

I bring this up because I have wanted to upgrade my office laptop but I have been fussing over backups.  Is everything backed up?  Well, then the world hit me between the eyes.  Let’s just say “poop” happened.  My 3GB backup hard drive puked.  Dead.  Kaput.  Bought the farm.  Cashed it in.  Went to that big server in the sky.

Luckily I am not one that suffers from the delusion that “that sort of thing could never happen to me”.  Can you say the same thing?  This past week I have run into a couple of administrators (school and not network) that seem to think that sort of thing would never happen to her.  For the record, this was a Western Digital green SATA 3 Gb HDD and it wasn’t 3 years old.  I bought it as a WD My Cloud series of external HDD’s.  It was connected by network and I have been using it as sort of a NAS drive.

Okay, last week Microsoft sent an update our named KB 3081424.  As is the new way of Microsoft, it was a forced update meaning you are “forced” to accept it and download it.  You aren’t given a choice.  So apparently it would load up to around 59% and it would then crash and go into an infinite boot loop.

Microsoft issued another update soon after to fix this problem.  Again, you have no choice to accept this update but if you are affected by the infinite boot loop you should be more than willing to accept this update.  Does this however, beg to ask the question of whether forced updates are something we want from Microsoft?  Microsoft will say, if you want the Windows 10 update free then you MUST accept automatic updates.  There is that free thing again.  Cheaters.

More to come soon….


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