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We’ve Got News!

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news2Hi everybody

No, we haven’t pod-faded.  It may have looked like that recently but it’s not the case.

It is my intent to keep The Help Desk Podcast going.  We have (seemingly) no end of topics to cover.  Heck, we haven’t even started to explore all the content possibilities such as the Interview Series, the Microsoft Series, the Certification Series and others.  Sure, we’ve had three interviews so far.  Jeremy Moskowitz, Microsoft MVP/Group Policy, Don Jones, Microsoft MVP/PowerShell and Steve Murawski, Microsoft MVP/PowerShell.  But we want to further introduce you to other Microsoft MVP’s, other important people with companies like Oracle and such and finally vendor companies like SpiceWorks, Xirrus and on and on……

I have been busy.  It’s been a mixed bag to be sure.  I can hardly walk because of my hips.  I guess all the cortisone shots have worn off and I’m too close to surgery to get another.  When possible though, here is what I have been working on:  I would like to introduce you to our other website: IT Solution-MI.com.  Anchoring the site will be a regular blog (at this time bi-weekly).  Also there will be a semi-regular podcast (at this time I am going to say monthly) that will cover many subjects such as my experiences with total knee and hip replacement and some opinion pieces.  Also there will be content showcased from The Help Desk Podcast, and other future projects we are currently developing that I can’t talk about at this time.

Further, because of the popularity of our two Laptop Buying Guides there will be (eventually) Tablets, and (eventually) printers in addition to the Laptop Buying Guide series.  Not only will these guides will be permanently located here, but they will then be updated regularly throughout the year.  That way you will be able to find what you need quicker and easier while making an informed decision on your impending electronic purchase.  They will also be linked to the appropriate THDP podcasts.  Definitely a “go-to” reference.  That’s at IT Solutions-MI.com.

That brings me to the second piece of news.  We have an updated show-notes format on The Help Desk Podcast.  It’s the looks and scope of the content on the page that is changing, not the address scheme.  It still will be http://thehelpdeskpodcast.com/thdpxxx.  They will be shorter and cleaner than our previous effort.  This is because they will be notes, not the entire blog connected to the podcast like before.  The third thing, is that the blogs for the THDP podcasts will be sited here (at the IT Solutions-MI.com site) in the blog category.

Fourth:  we will shortly be recording video podcasts through Google+ Hangouts on line.  They will then immediately be posted (in their entirety…no editing) on our You Tube Channel: +Gary Hunt and the audio will show up on the Help Desk Podcast as the current podcast.  We won’t get into that right away.  Because of my impending hip replacement surgery it will take a few months for us to add this to our repertoire.

By for now.

Testimonial – Bobby

IT solutions-MI was able to help me out of a laptop jam and now I would recommend them to anyone! They acted quickly and professionally. Thank you very, very much.
- Bobby

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