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Welcome to IT Solutions-MI.com

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Wow, a lot can happen in the span of a year.  A person can go through big changes…..like getting a knee replacement……to waiting for a hip replacement.  In that same span of time a company can go through some pretty significant changes too.

IT Solutions-MI.com started out as a break-fix website but we are break-fix no longer.  We are still IT Consultants and we still specialize in Education IT Development, Planning and Architecture.   Our team has over forty years of experience in this field.  As they say, “you can’t change who you are at the core”.  In the past year we have however became someone we could not have foreseen when we established IT Solutions-MI.com.  We are now also podcasters.

It started when I discovered I was going to need a knee replacement.  It would take ninety days to recuperate.  Ninety days of potentially wasted time professionally.  I could still talk.  I definitely had a  had a message to convey.  I just needed to discover the soap box I could use to deliver that message.  Spreading the word about backing up your data and securing your personal information adequately one person at a time became very  frustrating.  So we decided to start a podcast and we called it The Help Desk Podcast.  It’s a how-to podcast that would cover technology (with a concentration on those pet-peeve subjects of mine) as a whole.

Well, the rest is history (as they say).  That was November 23, 2013.  Thirty podcasts ago.  In that short time we have delivered two laptop buying guides, they have covered subjects such as Data Backup and Recovery, also several facets of Information Security such as maleware (Cryptolocker – 2 podcasts and Heartbleed and BlackPOS).  The Microsoft MVP series has interviewed Jeremy Moskowitz (Group Policy), Don Jones (PowerShell) and Steve Murawski (PowerShell).  The Help Desk Podcast is listened to in 56 nations across the world and 47 states.  We happily welcome you to our family.  Your two cents are always welcome so what are you waiting for?  Email us or leave a phone message and become a part of our podcast.

Testimonial – Bobby

IT solutions-MI was able to help me out of a laptop jam and now I would recommend them to anyone! They acted quickly and professionally. Thank you very, very much.
- Bobby

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