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This is my take on Windows 10

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Remember when computers and phones weren’t capable of keeping track of everything you did?  Remember when Facebook was the biggest danger to our privacy?  Remember when we talked about Big Data as something monstrous and dangerous and how it would affect us sometime in the future?

I do.

Here’s another one:  remember when you didn’t think you didn’t have to read the Privacy Policy of online companies you dealt with?  Then there was the back and forth argument between Google and Microsoft about how the other was collecting information on you while you were using their products.  You just knew they were going to sell that information to whomever.  Soon instead of cursing them for collecting your information you were hoping they would just sell it to someone that was not crooked.

Now in the lull before the storm that is “The Internet of Things” (IoT) we have Windows 10.  Windows 10 is the Jason Bourne of data collection; extremely efficient and hopefully not deadly.  What does Microsoft say about their new OS’s data gathering ability?  According to the official company statement on Windows 10 privacy:

Windows does not collect personal information without your consent. To effectively provide Windows as a service, Microsoft gathers some performance, diagnostic and usage information that helps keep Windows and apps running properly. Microsoft uses this information to identify problems and develop fixes. More information on the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement for consumers is available on our blogs.microsoft.com website.”

Okay, they say they will be honorable and do the right thing.  Remember Radio Shack?  They said the same thing but when push came to shove they went into such a selling frenzy that a court had to stop it.  Okay, they were going bankrupt.  That makes it okay then?  I guess we now know that honor and keeping promises can take a back seat when financial collapse is on the horizon.

Depending on your level of personal paranoia, regarding “big brother” Windows 10 can be your friend or your sworn enemy.  Microsoft states (and I believe them for now) that the data they collect in their new OS is to make our lives and our experience online easier and more enjoyable.  The thing about Windows 10 is that you can turn off these collecting settings or keep them on.  You can select how you feel about each setting.

So, for now I am taking a wait and see attitude.  If I am feeling that Windows 10 is not living up to the promises that Microsoft has made about respecting our privacy (while they are accumulating our online habits and histories).  Hey, someone has to trust Microsoft.  I’ll keep ya posted.

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