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Question: How Can I Record a Phone Interview on Skype Without Software?

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Question:  With a Windows machine how can I record Skype without using software?

Technically it’s impossible!  You are using software (Windows 8.1 or whatever and Skype).  Ha-ha…ok, seriously now, this is right up my alley.

As it probably was with you, I found the software available for recording phone calls on Skype…well, I found it a tad wanting.  It seems I tried them all.  I just started to have some luck with PowerGramo and it just plain stops working.  It stopped on my computer, it stopped working on my Surface, both my laptops.  Everything.  I tried everything (never did figure it out….really) and then it hit me.  It is probably a license thing.  On all the websites that discussed the different ways to record a Skype phone call I found the same thing:  no PowerGramo.  I mean it is not even listed.  I am just supposing here but it seems Skype no longer supports that software.

My goal has always been to try to permanently do away with software and just rely on hardware to record Skype.  So this is what I did to fix this.  First, I am using my Surface but you can use your desktop, or your laptop.

  • I plugged my Rode USB microphone into the surface USB port.
  • I took a 3/8” TRS audio cable and plug one end into my surface and the other end into the recorder (INPUT 2). The INPUT 2 on my recorder is XLR and I needed a ¼” plug so I used a ¼” adapter on one end.
  • I then took an audio cable with one end a 3/8” audio plug (and I plugged the 3/8” end into the Surface In/Out combo plug and the other end an XLR adapter cable digital audio recorder (INPUT #1).
  • Now I went to Control Panel on my Surface.
  • I opened Sound
  • On the Playback tab be sure Headphones is the default Device
  • On the Recording tab be sure your microphone is listed.
  • Now I needed to go into Skype Options (located in the Tools heading at the top of the Skype page) and click Audio Settings on the left side.
  • For microphone make sure it identifies your exact microphone. (If not go to step 10)
  • For speakers make sure you are using the Headphones option.
  • You can use the bars to control the volume levels.

This is working fine.  No more software crashing and that is fine with me.  I hope this works for you.  I hope I was some help.  Keep the questions coming in and Ed and I will answer them to the best of our ability.

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