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Plan B

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Let us see, what have I been up to over the last two weeks? Hmmmmmmm.  I was supposed to have my surgery two weeks ago.  How did that go?  Well, not very well actually.

I was set to have what they call a DaVinci System robotic surgery.  I do want to say right up front that the different options you have for treating your prostate cancer these days is simply astounding.  I picked the surgery at the advice of my Doctor because he said because my cancer was aggressive; we had to treat it in kind…aggressively.  Well, my body could not tolerate the robotic surgery.  The surgical method that my Surgeon uses consisted of strapping me onto the bed, pumping my body with carbon dioxide, flipping me upside down and then the surgery.  All was well until the flipping upside down part.

Lucky for me my wife (Patty) and I have the best health insurance in the world.  I do not have to stay at the Beaumont/Oakwood system, heck; I do not have to stay in Michigan if that is what I decide.  I will never stop thanking the powers that be, mother nature, the big pizza, the Delphi Oracle, that big health insurer in the sky…. for that choice.

Plan B

I could have opted for another DaVinci surgery.  The next one would not include flipping me upside down.  Ultimately, when given the possible options (of which there are many) I decided that one bad surgery attempt and another bad experience with an RN anesthesiologist (during my colonoscopy of all things) were two signs that maybe I have had enough major surgeries for a while.  We met with a Doctor from the Karmanos Cancer Institute.  He presented a case for hormone therapy along with radiation.

I decided on the hormone therapy and radiation.  The hormone therapy could last up to two years and the radiation will start in about eight weeks.  That will continue every day for six to eight weeks.  At least with this route I should not miss much work.  Yes, I am back to work now.  I tried to start Tuesday after my first two shots but there was not much to do and I felt funky (for me funky is not something good).  Even during radiation, I should not miss much work (if any).  The process only takes fifteen minutes and I can go in as early as 7am or as late as 4:30pm so as not to affect my work schedule.

That is where I am at.  Working, fighting prostate cancer, sharing my experiences through my blog, working on the 2016 Laptop Buying Guide.  Nothing much has changed.  Hopefully nothing much will (other than losing this cancer thing).  I will keep you posted.

See ya later,


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