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My Health and our Podcast

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This has been a long haul.  When did this all start?  Let’s see, in November 2013 I had to have emergency hernia surgery.  I had already scheduled my knee replacement for June of that next year so I already had major issues with mobility.  Well with the hernia surgery they wouldn’t let me lift a finger for 3 weeks.  I couldn’t even walk the length of my driveway.   So my hips seemed to “set-up” in that time.  I don’t really know how to describe that but by the end of the three weeks I couldn’t spread my feet apart more than maybe a foot or foot and a half. I couldn’t walk worth a hoot anyway because of my knee.   Well when I started back to work after that surgery I sometimes needed a cane.  As time wore on I needed it more and more and soon I needed it all the time.  I have needed it full time ever since.  I had knee replacement in June, 2014 and I had a hip replaced in December, 2014.  And now Monday I will try again to have the other hip replaced.

Three weeks ago I was supposed to have the surgery but 2 days before I came down with a very stiff back and a pinched nerve in my disc.  So it was delayed until now.  I have tried to meet every challenge head on with manners, wit and patience.  I tried to not let my health affect this podcast but as we have all seen over this past year I was not always successful.

For a long time you hung in there and for that I am eternally grateful.  But recently our numbers have been on the same downward spiral that my health has been.  At this point I have no choice but to be confident that this last replacement surgery will take care of the severe pain and allow me to pursue my career again with the same fervor it requires.

So we needed to come up with a plan.  This is what we came up with.  The Help Desk Podcast is going to go on hiatus until May 24th, 2015.  That will give me a month off from podcasting.  When we come back we will be a little different with our focus.  The name will remain the same.  Our focus will be a little more toward Education Technology than it has been.   I was going to describe for you just what the refurbished podcast would be like, what it will offer but in the past I have over promised and underperformed.  Not this time.  Just suffice it to say it will be better.

If you would like input on the format of our podcast then call us and leave a message or email us with your input.  We will seriously consider it and share what advice of your we followed.  I am going to go and heal now..  I really hope these last 2-3 years were not for nothing.  Or should I say these last three replacements.

I want to thank everybody who have contacted me and tried to cheer me up.  I just hope and pray that three times is indeed the charm.  See ya on the 24th!!!

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