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Laptop Harddrives

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hard-drive2-300x1592.5” Hard Drives

This is the overwhelming choice of laptop hard drives currently.  The SATA III’s are very fast, very efficient and much less expensive. The quickest 2.5” drives run at a speed of 7200 RPM (disc revolutions per minute), 5400 RPM and 4200 RPM.  These numbers reflect the speed the hard drive can read your data.  The faster the RPM’s , the more expensive and the more power they use.

Hybrid Solid State Drives (SSHD)

Hybrid drives have internal moving parts and are enhanced by an 8GB NAND flash.  Yep it’s a small SSD. Why all this?  You get a much quicker hard drive (it’s speed is usually enhanced further by software) and much, much cheaper.  Look at the prices:

500GB         $62.99        Toshiba (2.5-inch SATA III SSHD)

1TB             $99.00        Seagate (ST1000LM014)

2TB             $163.84      IPC (STLC2000400)

Solid State Hard Driveshard-drive4Solid state drives are one of the newest types of drives used in laptop computers. Unlike other hard drives they have no moving parts.  So because of that they are much, much faster, tend to run cooler, and could conceivably last longer.  Another advantage is their ability to withstand jostling, dropping and other like forms of laptop abuse.  Laptops are after all, mobile, we move them, we carry them and this ability to withstand this is an advantage.  The disadvantage is the cost.  SSD’s can be very expensive.  Although prices have been coming down you should still expect to see the following prices (at Amazon):

64GB           $44.99 (Dell C585T made by Samsung)

120GB         $74.99 (Crucial M500)

240GB         $119.99 (Crucial M500)

500GB         $229.99 (Samsung 840 EVO Series)

1TB              $441.87 (Samsung 840 EVO Series

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