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If You Say That I Will Slap You!

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I was researching for this podcast the other day and I came across something that caught my eye…..”The 10 Most Overused LinkedIn buzzwords”. Right away, without malice or forethought I thought of 3 or 4 that I thought would qualify. Sure as heck they were a part of the list.
So I am going to start out with a word that will not make me many new friends in the podcast crowd. Or what I would say the top of the podcast crowd. So here we go….
Passionate. I happen to agree that in order to do anything well in life you need to be passionate about it. Whenever I give a talk it’s not hard to see my passion. I am very animated, I probably speak louder and faster, I look my audience right into their eyes, my energy level has obviously increased. When you are passionate about anything, you tend to live it more. It tends to take up more of your life. Nobody wants to listen to a laidback speaker. A lot of comedians use lack of passion as their onstage shtick. When you are broadcasting you need to ramp up your intensity, your energy level……ok, ok, your passion for the subject in order to grab hold of and then keep your audience. There just has to be several words that are just as descriptive.

Motivated. Or self-motivated. Aren’t we all self-motivated? Ok, you have started to do a podcast (about a subject that you are very excited over). Ok, you have started to do a podcast (about a subject that you are very excited over). You do not do it for the money because guess what, you aren’t paid anything for it. Given the amount of your time and energy it takes to do this, I would reckon you are indeed motivated.
Strategic. I constantly strategize on how to run this podcast and earn a living at the same time. I call it planning. You could call it getting your ducks in a row. Your career involves a certain amount of fore-thought and planning. Wait a minute though, in an interview couldn’t an employer think that you mean you are constantly planning ways to usurp the authority from your supervisors? Oops, who me….strategize?? Not me.
Track record. Let me level with you. After one total knee replacement, one total hip replacement, and another one of them coming next week, I do not have a very good track record. I just don’t have the speed I used to. What, track record has nothing to do with a foot race…..cool. A darned good thing I must say. I wonder what my track record would be when I feel really motivated to strategize.
You can trust me on this talk. I am considered an expert in this subject.
”The 10 Most Overused LinkedIn buzzwords” by Matt Kapko, CIO, February 11, 2015, IT World.com.

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