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If Its Not One Thing Its Another

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Hi everybody.  I haven’t posted in quite a while.  I think sometime in January or so.  Not that there was nothing to say.  For a while I was blaming what I called “a crisis of ambition”.  I was felling great (for once).  I no longer need a cane to walk….in fact it has been so long since I did need that cane….well, I can’t remember.  Finally I feel as though I am building muscle mass.  I am literally feeling stronger every day.

Of course, now you can’t stop me.  I will gladly help clean the house.  I will gladly do as much of the yard work as I can.  I will gladly not need any help this year with the garden.  Aside from the fact that I can’t kneel because of my replaced knee and some (quite long) scars, I don’t even think about the two hips and one knee I replaced.  I feel good.

Every March I go in to see Dr. Spike (my urologist) for my annual prostate exam.  All kidding aside (and I do quite a bit of it), it’s not that bad. Run a PSA and endure the exam.  This year a few days later I received a call to set up a biopsy.  Alarms go off.  The scheduling nurse very sweetly assured me that the only reason for it is because the PSA is non-specific and raised therefore requiring the test.

I went for this biopsy last Wednesday.  Results on Friday or Monday.  Okay.  Phone call yesterday.  It is Dr. Spike.  Bad news.  Apparently I now host a fairly aggressive cancer.  Fairly aggressive.  What does that mean?  Time for research.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow.  Ya know, I was just getting to the point where I had tons of extra energy and time at the end of a day to work on blogs and podcasts again.  Now?  We will see.

I am not planning on going away any time soon.  I still have info to share and comments to make.  What better pulpit than this.  I am back.  Really.

I’ll keep ya posted.


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