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I would like to apologize for the sporadic service

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Dear reader,

I would like to thank you for being a loyal reader of Gary’s blog. I am working hard to continue bringing you timely and interesting articles that you will find useful and share with friends.  For the past year, that blog has stopped and then sporadically reappeared.  You deserve to know the reason why.

As you know, I have been battling osteoarthritis which has led to a knee and two hip replacements.  Recovery has been a long haul but over the last few months I have improved dramatically.  Walking no longer a problem and I have buried myself in the hobby of maintaining our garden and yard.  As the summer loomed, I was so looking forward to my first golf outing in over three years.  Well, last month I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Aggressive cancer.  I went in for checkups and my exam every year so we are confident it was caught early.  Luckily, tests have shown that it has not spread but because of its aggressive nature I have only one option for treatment:  surgery and radiation.

With my blog, I am trying to reach a weekly production level and I am also trying to keep interesting and useful content flowing through the IT Solutions-MI facebook page.  Obviously, when surgery (and then recovery) arrives (in approximately a month) I will have to stop for a short while again.  I do promise to you though that I will resume as soon as I am ready.  It’s incredible to me that all of you have continued to frequent my facebook page and blog as much as you have.  I thank you for that.  Please keep me in your prayers and we will come out of this better and as prolific as ever.

I value each and every one of you readers, and I hope you’ll continue to support my work.  If you’d like to share any feedback, please feel free to reach me via email me at ghunt@itsolutions-mi.com

See you soon!









Testimonial – Bobby

IT solutions-MI was able to help me out of a laptop jam and now I would recommend them to anyone! They acted quickly and professionally. Thank you very, very much.
- Bobby

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