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“I just received an email with an attachment…”

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Hi all:

It has come to my attention that there is an email going around with a subject line or attachment called “Black Muslim in the White House”.

Instead of blindly reacting to an email such as this, please let me suggest and alternative action.  When in doubt, Google it out.  This is actually a dirty little secret in the IT world.  The consultants you rely on to guide you in an emergency probably found the answer in Google.  If you did Google that title you would have found what I found (pictured below).   You would have found words like “hoax”, “Urban Legend” and “Snopes.com”.  All would lead you to believe that it is indeed a hoax.  In fact, this particular hoax (or at least a version of it) has regularly appeared since at least 2000.  Once it black muslim hoaxwas about something called the “Olympic Torch” (2006 Winter Olympics).  In July 2007, it was July 4th celebration card.  Then in 2009 (after Obama’s inauguration) that it became about a Black Muslim.

It is (apparently) a hoax.  Why would somebody go through all that trouble?  Well, sometimes these emails will contain malware that will install the moment you open the email.  Others will ask you to open a link or an attachment for the same reason.  Other than that I guess you have to ask yourself why anybody would try to harm you.  They are just stupid criminal types with no conscious I guess.  The Internet opened a wonderful world for us to use and enjoy but it also allowed a criminal element into our office or our den or our bedroom.  Where ever you use your computer.  The only person that can stop them is you.

If you see an email such as this, Google it on your own and find out if it is for real.  Remember, just because the email mentions snopes.com doesn’t mean they checked it out and verified its existence.  What have we talked about in the past?


  • When you see a link in an email from anybody delete the email from your computer. Yes, even if it is from your brother.  He should know better.
  • When you see an attachment from someone you don’t recognize, delete it from your computer.
  • If you see any email from a suspicious email address (such as http://www.bankofamerica.es) delete it from your computer.
  • If you get any email from PayPal about your account telling you you need to supply more information (or verify information) delete the email then go to your Pay Pal account and check it out. If it was real then you are initiating the action and you know it is safe.

I hope this helps.

Until the next time,


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