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Hoaxes:  Facebook (again)

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Hi ya’all!  Welcome to the new year and with the new year yet another round of Facebook hoaxes.  On top of that……..oooo, it has been a long time comin’….and I am back blogging.  Not quite there podcasting but I am certainly going to try blogging again.  At the very least I will try to post some new content here every week with more in the event of an “emergency”.  This is one such time.  I think I am going to start categorizing my research for this blog by subject, ie: “Hoaxes”  and “Facebook”.

Back in 2009, Facebook peeps were slapped with a hoax saying that FB was going to start (later in 2010 sometime) charging users.  The hoax page attracted a lot of attention and if you visited it you were rewarded by having your computer flooded with (shall we say) bad images and malware all the while using your computer to then infect others.  HOAX

Then in February 2010, another hoax page appeared stating FB was about to institute a $3.99 monthly fee.  Once again, this hoax was a lure to get people to click on the hoax page and have malware automatically downloaded onto their computers.  In April of 2009 Sheryl Sandberg, FB’s COO, was quoted as saying, “no, we are not planning on charging a basic fee for our services.”  HOAX

In July of 2011, another hoax was perpetrated on the FB public.  The methodology here was telling the public that if you spread the news of this hoax, you would be spared the charges. In September 2011, users were told to post to your status in order to escape being charged and “make the icon turn blue”.  They were also (falsely) informed that a tiered membership scale was going to go into effect.   This same hoax appeared in 2012 and 2013.  HOAX, HOAX, HOAX

In September of 2014, a fake news site called National Report used this same hoax , and that users were going to be charged a $2.99 per month charge.  HOAX

Then in 2017, this hoax was still circulating in Messenger and status updates.  In fact, this one stated that if you sent this info to 18 of your contacts you would be spared.  Once again, as in every other instance in the past FB responded  by telling their public that they would never institute a charging plan.  HOAX

Now, this ugly piece of hoax has reared up and caused much concern again.  This time it was spawned by President Trump’s desire to repeal the FCC Net Neutrality Ruling (Open Internet Order of 2015).  This 2015 ruling stopped ISP’s from blocking and/or slowing down content they were not happy with.  This part of the story is true.  The Ruling exists and it does look as though President Trump will repeal the ruling.  This ruling suggests that the ISP’s have the ability to do this but it does not mandate it.  HOAX

I hope this clears this up.  That is, until next year.  Apparently we all use FB so much that hoaxing it is a growth industry.  Information is our best weapon so let others know of this article.

Thanks, Gary Hunt

I would like to thank Snopes.com for the reference material .  Any quotes come from that page.


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