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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

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Here it is the end of another Thanksgiving Day.  My belly is full and I thought I would write the third annual “I am Giving Thanks” blog.  Let’s review.  The first Thanksgiving I was recuperating from emergency hernia surgery.  Last Thanksgiving I was awaiting my first hip replacement surgery.  Now here is year number three and I have plenty for which to be thankful.

This year all the replacement surgeries are in the past and they were a resounding success.  I could say that my two hips and one knee are the only places not bothered by arthritis pain.  I am walking on my own again.  No cane.  In fact, I have not worn my back brace for quite a while either.  I am working.  This is a big one.  As you know, I am currently under contract with the Detroit Public School system.  Through all my physical travails, it would have been easy for them to let my contract go and get someone else in my place.  They did not and I am forever grateful.

I have a wonderful wife.  She has been the Rock of Gibraltar through all of this.  Heck, literally, without her I would not have been able to get my body “fixed up”.  She has also been nothing but supportive while I was putting in countless hours getting The Help Desk Podcast off the ground (to say nothing of this blog).  She has been an inspiration and without her, I probably would not have been able to accomplish any of this.

As of right now I have “The Help Desk Podcast”, the “Lose and Live” podcast, blog and the Gary Hunt You Tube channelThe Help Desk Podcast is currently on hiatus.  The Lose and Live podcast is my attempt to force motivate myself to lose the weight I need to lose in order to straighten my back out and live a long and healthy life with three joint replacements.  On my You Tube channel I am about to publish some “how-to” videos.

So, I guess you can say my life has gotten steadily better this year and for that I am grateful.  I have supportive friends and for them I am very grateful.  I have much…….much to be thankful for.

Oh, by the way, my high school alma mater….Romeo High School has made it to the Michigan High School Athletic Association playoffs and have advanced to the finals.  The title game is Saturday at 1pm and I will either be there at Ford Field watching and cheering or watching at home on Fox2 Detroit’s live feed at FoxSportsDetroit.com.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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