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SD Storage Cards for Your Laptop

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Wow, has it been a year already?  Heck, has it been 2 years already?  Yep, this is a prelude to our 3rd annual Laptop Buying Guide brought to you by IT Solutions-MI.com our blog site.  The Buying Guide will be published at The Help Desk Podcast I think on the 15th of September.

In the interim I will post a couple of pieces that will support the Buying Guide by giving you additional information that will help you buy your new laptop.  We are going to talk about accessories, components, explain why you may want to buy this laptop over that one.  That type of info.  Anything that I may think could help you in making your purchase decision.

Boy, a lot has changed in laptops in just the three years we have been doing this.  The current rendition of the Apple MacBook is actually less powerful than the previous model (less powerful meaning slower and a smaller CPU in it).  Convertible laptops are very nearly becoming the norm (at least in the college student market).

Last year the stars of the guide were the MacBooks from Apple and the Microsoft Surface.  If you recall I had to cheat and name a tablet one of the best available laptops.  Don’t look but I am going to do it again because the Surface is even better in its 3rd rendition.

This is just a personal preference but last year I explained how a very large HDD was becoming less and less important to me.  I have to say that trend is continuing.  I have been able to survive on 128GB HDD in my Surface just fine thank you.  In fact, I had installed a 128GB Micro SDHC card to give me an extra punch in storage but I took it out and forgot about it.  For o-h-h I would say six months now I have been operating with only the 128GB storage that came with the device.

Amazon has the following SD cards available:

Sandisk Ultra 128GB Ultra Micro SDHC card sells for $59.99

PNY High Performance 128GB High Speed Micro SDXC Class 10 card is $57.99

Samsung 128GB EVO Micro SDXC card is $68.50

I was going to list a few of the smaller cards but why?  With the above prices why would you go for less than 128GB?

How about 256GB:

PNY Elite Performance 256GB High speed SDXC card sells for $81.99

Lexar Professional 1000x 256GB SDXC card is $141.99

Transcend 256GB JetDrive lite storage expansion for MacBook Air is $168.95

Just a note:  I have had a couple of Lexar flash drives die or become corrupted on me.

Short and sweet, I hope this helps.  See ya soon.


Gary Hunt

Testimonial – Bobby

IT solutions-MI was able to help me out of a laptop jam and now I would recommend them to anyone! They acted quickly and professionally. Thank you very, very much.
- Bobby

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