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 Amazon keeps track of the best-selling laptops on their website.  This list is in constant flux so the order and laptops may not be in the same order when you look there.  This list was taken 12/2/2014. (click here) Likewise Tiger Direct also keeps track of the top ten best-selling laptops on their website.  This list too is in constant flux.  This list was taken 12/2/2014  (click here) CRN (Computer Reseller Week) a magazine, keeps track of the top ten best-selling brand of laptops.  They get their info from The NPD Group (a marketing research firm). This list was taken 12/2/2014.  (click here)
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  For most people only the screen size and resolution are all that will really matter. The graphics processor really only tends to make a difference for those looking to possibly do some mobile gaming or high definition video. Pretty much all laptops use some form of backlit active-matrix display to allow for bright fast displays capable of video playback.   (more)   2.5” Hard Drives:  This is the overwhelming choice of laptop hard drives currently.  The SATA III drives are very fast, very efficient and much less expensive. The quickest 2.5” drives run at a speed of 7200 RPM (disc revolutions per minute), 5400 RPM and 4200 RPM.  These numbers reflect the speed the hard drive can read your data.  The faster the RPM’s , the more expensive and the more power they use.   (more)  Random Access Memory (RAM) is a fairly straight forward concept.  Currently nearly all laptops will need something called DDR3 (speeds vary) or PC3 (speeds vary).  DDR3 is actually the  “double data rate type 3”.  It first appeared in the marketplace in 2005. So beware, if you are buying a laptop with DDR2 it is probably used.  Or, if not used then it will certainly be slower than what you will want today so avoid it.   (more)

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- Bobby

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